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California Sex Discrimination Laws

Have you been a victim of gender discrimination in the workplace? It is unlawful for any employer in the State of California to discriminate on the basis of gender. Sex discrimination is treating an employee or employees differently because of their gender or sex. Whenever discrimination affects any “terms or conditions of employment”, it is illegal.

“Terms or conditions of employment” are anything relating to someone’s job such as their position, title, rate of pay, hours, vacations, etc. Whether or not a person is hired, or whether a person is fired, including promotions and demotions is also a term or condition of employment.

Examples of Gender or Sex Discrimination in the Workplace Include:

  • Wrongful termination based on gender
  • Unfair job assignments or demotion based on gender
  • Undesirable hours or locations based on gender
  • Unfair hiring or promotion practices based on gender
  • Unequal access to training or promotion opportunities due to gender
  • Harassment based on gender

It is also unlawful for an employer to make employment decisions based by stereotyping an individual because of their gender, or by assuming that an employee cannot do their job properly because of family responsibilities and gender roles. If an employer is making employment decisions based on stereotyping or gender roles, they are breaking the law. If you have been terminated or have been mistreated in the workplace because of your gender, contact a San Diego gender discrimination attorney at The Gould Firm. We can evaluate your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Equal Pay Act:

You should also be aware that under the Equal Pay Act, an amendment to the Fair Labor Standard’s Act, an employer may not discriminate in wages on the basis of sex. When male and female employees perform jobs which require substantially equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and are performed in similar working conditions, an employer must pay his employees equally. If an employee can establish a violation of the Equal Pay Act, an employer must correct the differential by increasing the wages of the lower-paid sex, not by decreasing the wages of the higher paid sex.

Legal Remedies for Sex and Gender Discrimination:

If you believe you have been the target of sex and gender discrimination, you may be able to seek the following remedies:

  • Back pay, front pay, damages for emotional distress, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees and costs!

Sex and gender discrimination can have a negative impact on the quality of your life. If you have been discriminated against because of your sex or gender, you have several legal options and have the right to file a lawsuit against your employer.

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