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How Our San Diego Law Firm Protects Professionals and the Injured

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Employers must follow the law and the law is on your side! If you have been sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated, demoted, discriminated against, denied your rightful pay for all hours worked, overtime wages, benefits or even rest breaks and meal periods, The Gould Firm’s San Diego employment attorneys can help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. Such compensation often includes penalties of various types, interest, and even attorney’s fees which can be substantial. If you have been denied unemployment compensation we may be able to assist with an Appeal and even obtain an award for retroactive benefits.

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Professional Licensing Defense and Administrative Law

As a licensed professional you have worked hard to build your reputation. If you are being investigated, facing an Accusation or have had your license application denied we can help. The Gould Firm License Defense attorneys have experience with allegations of malpractice, past or pending criminal matters, ethical violations, and claims of fraud in the application process. If disciplinary action has already been taken against your license, The Gould Firm may be able to have such orders modified. Where a license has been revoked, changed circumstances may warrant a Petition for Reinstatement or an Appeal may be appropriate.

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Personal Injury and
Wrongful Death

Whether you have been injured in a automobile, motorcycle or bicycle accident, by a dog bite or animal attack, a slip and fall, injured as result of a dangerous condition of public or private property or, by a dangerous or defective product, the Gould Firm’s San Diego personal injury attorneys can help. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligent or reckless conduct of another, we can help you recover monetary damages for this terrible loss. The Gould Firm specializes in wrongful death and serious injury cases and helping victims and their families recover all medical expenses, lost income and the pain and suffering compensation they deserve.

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Our Philosophy

Picture of Attorney EVAN A. GOULD, ESQ.The Gould Firm is committed to providing our clients with prompt and personalized attention. We endeavor and promise to give each client, and their case, the respect and attention it deserves. At The Gould Firm we strive to provide the highest quality of legal service, while adhering to the highest ethical standards. Our goal is always to obtain the best possible result for our clients.

At The Gould Firm we provide a level of service that is tailored to each client’s needs and do so in a relaxed atmosphere. Client relationships are important to us and we want to get to know our clients on a personal level. Unlike many larger firms, your case will be handled by a single attorney and a single highly skilled paralegal. Your case will not be passed around from one attorney to the next. This means the details of your case, and its unique issues, will be better understood. Our smaller size and selective case load allows us to get to know our clients on a more personal level and allows our clients to have direct access to the attorney and staff handling their case.

The Gould Firm offers flexible fee arrangements and generally charges a lower overall fee than many larger firms. Larger firms typically have a bigger overhead and many even impose minimum billable hour requirements on their attorneys. This means clients often pay higher rates or get charged for extra work which may be of little or no benefit. The Gould Firm tries to find the best fee agreement for the client by offering a variety of contingency and hybrid fee agreements, flat rate fee agreements, reasonable hourly rates, and flexible retainer requirements where needed. We believe in zealous representation but try wherever possible to weigh the cost of work to be performed against the possible benefit from it.

The Gould Firm represents clients in both State and Federal courts. We maintain a network of attorneys and experts in other parts of the state and outside of California. The Gould Firm routinely goes up against some of the biggest firms in the state. We are proud of our record of success we have achieved and the results we have consistently obtained for our clients. As a result of our success, many of our clients are direct client referrals, referred by other attorneys and some have been referred by retired judges who respect our reputation in the community.

When you are involved in a legal matter, you do not want to feel that your case is just another file on the attorneys shelf. You want to know your attorney is working hard for you and know that your attorney has your best interests in mind. We are here to serve.

Evan A. Gould, Esq.
Managing Attorney

We Handle Employment Matters and Represent Injury Victims Throughout Southern California

Whether you have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment, retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination or have suffered serious bodily injury or, the loss of a loved one as a result of the negligence of another, The Gould Firm can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. The Gould Firm has helped hundreds of people just like you recover substantial sums to help them through the difficult and uncertain times following the loss of a job, or other physical and or emotional trauma. The Gould Firm’s employment and personal injury attorney is here to help.

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Employment Law Client
Employment Matter
5.0 stars

I am so glad I hired Evan Gould! He was the first person I called after I was let go from my previous company. I found Evan after a brief Google search for an “employment lawyer in San Diego”. Evan represents to me what the ideal lawyer should be: extremely knowledgeable of the law, but soft-spoken and personable instead of pushy or arrogant. His approach was just perfect, as it balanced an optimism of the possibilities, with a realism of how hard we should negotiate with my former employer. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, in terms of my termination. I wholeheartedly recommend Evan Gould.

Posted by Head of Marketing, North America,
October 2019
Licensing Defense Client

I received an accusation by the BON claiming I was guilty of unprofessional conduct, incompetence, and gross negligence in carrying out my duties. My nursing license was at risk and the Board was also demanding substantial cost recovery. Attorney Gould was able to submit evidence as to my excellent character, experience and qualifications. He ultimately assisted me in reaching a resolution that avoided any hearing and most of the burdensome “standard terms” the Board tried to impose on me. He was able to negotiate a much smaller reimbursement and his fees were reasonable. Calling Mr. Gould was the best decision I could have made and I highly recommend his firm.

Anonymous Nurse Client,
January 2018

Personal Injury Client
Awesome first and hopefully last experience! 5.0 stars
Mr. Gould was a fantastic attorney to work with, especially for my first time having to go through what turned out to be a lengthy legal process. Both he and his paralegal Mary were both positive, upbeat, and honest, contacting me regularly to give updates. All around awesome experience with a positive outcome. Appreciate all the hard work and effort they put in on my behalf and the feeling of confidence of having him fighting in my corner.

Posted by Adrian,
April 25, 2017
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