Could Coronavirus Lead to an Increase in Workplace Discrimination?

As coronavirus continues to spread across the country, employers face increasingly difficult decisions. Some shuttered their stores. Others allowed their employees to work from home. Some businesses remain open because they provide essential services and goods.

During this time, employees face unprecedented disruptions to their normal work routine. There is no doubt that coronavirus brings unique challenges and issues to the workplace. As such, employees need to be wary of an increased chance of experiencing workplace discrimination. In particular, irrational xenophobic fears could harm employees during this crisis.

Workplace Discrimination During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the coronavirus pandemic, employees should watch for signs of workplace discrimination. As the workplace environment shifts, many employees may become targets of discrimination. Most notably, an increase in xenophobia may occur. Xenophobia is a fear and hatred of foreigners. Since the first case of the virus appeared in China, Asian employees have suffered. Many have already reported attacks from coworkers and discrimination from employers.

Employees and employers have a cause for concern. In 2009, a strain of H1N1 flu caused a pandemic. It first appeared in Mexico. During that time, Hispanic employees experienced an increase in workplace discrimination.

As you can imagine, some employees may find that they are at a higher risk of suffering discrimination. As such, employers need to remain vigilant and protect their workers. Even when working from home, employees can still suffer from discrimination and harassment. They may find themselves excluded from group meetings or harassed on video conferences. They may receive hateful or xenophobic emails or text messages. Worst of all, they may even find themselves out of work because of their race or ethnic background.

Were You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination or Harassment?

Were you sent home to work simply because of your race or ethnicity? Have you received hateful or xenophobic messages from coworkers? Were you excluded from job-related tasks or opportunities because of your race or ethnicity? Did you lose your job because of your ethnicity?

If you suffered discrimination during the pandemic, then you need a law firm on your side. Your employer has a duty to protect your employment rights, even during a global pandemic. It is against the law for anyone to discriminate against any employee because of their race, color or ethnicity. Federal and California state employment laws protect workers from this type of discrimination. Employers who practice discrimination are liable for the harm they cause.

Contact Our Workplace Discrimination Attorney in San Diego, CA

The coronavirus pandemic could lead to an increase in workplace discrimination. During this time, it is important to protect your federal and California employment rights. Attorney Evan A. Gould can meet with you remotely to discuss your concerns and guide you through the legal process.

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