Dangerous and Defective Products

San Diego Defective Product Attorney

Almost every day another product is recalled for serious injuries or deaths that have occurred as a result of product failure or inherent dangers unknown to the product’s users. Dangerous products cause thousands of injuries and fatalities in the United States every year.

Our children’s toys and cribs are becoming more and more dangerous. Everyday household products fail and cause injury. Our tools and equipment needed to earn a living fail and cause injury. Our food and medicines are often found to be dangerous and defective causing serious illness. Our automobiles are designed with defective seat belts, roof structures, airbags, batteries, and electronics that may fail, resulting in crashes causing serious injury or death. The paints and chemicals that we use or come into contact with on a daily basis may contain unsafe levels of lead and other cancer-causing agents and can cause serious injuries, brain damage and death. Defective chairs and ladders fail causing thousands of severe bodily injuries every year. Through no fault of our own, we come into contact with dozens of products on a daily basis that can result in injury to our bodies, our children and our property.

Product Defects

A product can be dangerous based on the way it was:

  • Designed
  • Manufactured
  • Labeled or
  • Packaged

Product liability law may be premised on “negligence”, “breach of warranty” and “strict liability”.  In many product injury cases, the product itself may not necessarily be defective but the manufacturer’s failure to warn of the danger, or risk of injury, may make them liable for the injuries you sustained.  Similarly, products may be defective by their design, due to a defect in the manufacturing process, or even because of inadequate instructions.

Product liability laws exist to attempt to make the injured consumer “whole” in the event of an injury.  These laws are complex. Product liability laws shift the cost and burden back to the parties who placed the defective product into the stream of commerce.

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