Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer in San Diego

At The Gould Firm, we understand the importance of your rights as a pregnant employee. Our dedicated team specializes in handling cases of pregnancy discrimination, providing expert advice and guidance throughout the legal process.

What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination occurs when an employer treats a woman unfavorably due to pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions. This form of discrimination is illegal under federal law and can manifest in various ways such as unfair treatment, wrongful termination or denial of reasonable accommodations.

How We Can Help You

Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in both California state laws and federal legislation like the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). At The Gould Firm, we are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring fair treatment at your workplace during this crucial period in your life.

Fighting for Your Rights

We believe that no one should face discriminatory practices based on their pregnancy status. Our lawyers are adept at navigating complex legal terrains to help you secure justice. With our assistance, you can hold offending parties accountable for their actions.

Negotiating Accommodations

If you've been denied reasonable accommodations necessary due to your pregnancy condition, our firm can help negotiate with employers on your behalf. We aim to ensure that you receive the consideration required by law without compromising job security or benefits.

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