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The Gould Firm Offers Workplace Investigation Services for Employers & Businesses

When complaints are made of improper, illegal, or unethical conduct within or relating to your organization, you must take such matters seriously and conduct a prompt, thorough, and independent investigation. Internal investigations, even when complete, will always be questioned as biased and the conclusions viewed as self-serving. It is almost always beneficial to secure an independent investigator for such matters. The Gould Firm has experience with investigations and fact-finding in the areas of alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, retaliation, insubordination, workplace violence, job performance, misuse of company property, misuse/abuse of leave policies, and more. 

Attorney Evan A. Gould is well-versed in the best practices for workplace investigations and takes great efforts to investigate clients’ workplace issues in a discrete, timely, and confidential manner. When requested, we provide employers and businesses with a detailed summary of all investigatory efforts and findings, along with a well-written and documented investigative report to help employers and businesses make informed decisions and document the fact they acted promptly and took the complaint or concern seriously. Attorney Evan A. Gould is also well-suited to assess the liability associated with such findings and make recommendations as to best deal with the risk or liability. 

The most common claims that demand prompt and thorough investigation include: 

For most employers and businesses, it is not a matter of if an employee will report a complaint, it is simply a matter of when. A prompt and thorough investigation will help an employer or business to uncover and remedy a disruptive, illegal, or potentially dangerous situation. A shoddy investigation or no investigation can exacerbate problems in the workplace, have a negative impact on employee morale, and expose an employer or business to liability for the acts of its employees and for its own failure to prevent or address such issues. 

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