Client Testimonials

Many of our Clients are referred by other satisfied clients. We value our clients’ input and feel there is no better advertising. Thank you for allowing us the priviledge of representing you.

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Client
Professional, communicative and most of all understanding. 5.0 stars

Evan provides a service like no other. As soon as you step in the door you feel welcomed and realize that he is there to listen and help. His one-on-one consultations further reinforce the fact that he is not some big corporate lawyer that will push your case onto the back burner. He is there to help in any way possible and answer any question you may have. What sealed the deal r for me was his experience and knowledge in the law. He did not sell me fairytale endings and got down to what actually mattered, the well being of my family and used all his energy to do so. We are forever grateful for his help and will not think twice about hiring him again if needed. Extremely recommend.

Posted by M. September 2019

Employment Law Client
Great person, amazing attorney. 5.0 stars

Mr. Evan Gould is a great person to start with, he took the time to carefully listens to my case, and asked the right questions in order to provide a better evaluation of the situation. More specifically, he went above in beyond in asking for more details to get the right picture and assessment… He is smart, clear, and honest. I personally will not have a second thought of hiring Mr. Gould in any future legal matters. I highly recommending contacting him if you have a legal issue.

Posted by Talal. May 2019

Severance Negotiation / Breach of Contract Client
Absolutely amazing experience!

When my employer terminated my employment, I found myself in very difficult situation as the employer was refusing to pay the severance that was outlined my employment contract. They cited several legal loopholes, and were determined not to pay. I attempted to resolve the issue myself with my former employer, but very quickly became overwhelmed by their corporate attorneys. After speaking with a number of attorney’s in San Diego, I decided to retain Evan Gould due to his professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Every other attorney I spoke with, told me “absolutely we can win”, and then asked for a large retainer for their services (leading me to believe, these attorneys were just after my money, and did not honestly care if we had a winnable case or not). However, when I spoke to Evan, he took the time to talk through the situation, really understand the facts of my case, and even let me know he felt it was going to be a very difficult case to win. After carefully considering all options, I decided to retained Evan’s services… Evan was able to double what I was able to negotiate myself and proved to be well worth the investment. Thank you Evan for you honesty, hard work, dedication, and unique ability to negotiate a favorable settlement against all odds.

Posted by Edward. June 2019

Employment Matter
A good choice, 5.0 stars

Evan Gould was excellent. Very supportive and understanding throughout the entire case. He was transparent on everything that happened. Very open to explaining the pros & cons of every move and/or next step. He is very knowledgeable and quick to pick up on things. He and staff are very welcoming and genuinely nice people. I never had a problem nor was I ever treated with any disrespect ever. I would recommend to others. Im glad he was the one who fought my case.

Posted by anonymous. November 2018

Wage and Hour Client
5.0 stars.

I had a really good experience with my lawyer Evan Gould. He was quick and aggressive when needed on my case and got me all my overtime and break money that wasn’t paid to me. The case resolved in such a short time. Mr. Gould always kept me updated with what was happening. Thanks Mr. Gould. I would totally recommend him for your law needs.

Posted by Mario. November 2018

Employment Law Client
Excellent Services. 5 stars.

Mr. Gould was very clear, concise and transparent through the whole entire process. He and his Paralegal communicated with me on a regular basis and was extremely attentive when I had a question or concern. I would highly recommend Evan Gould and his firm.

Posted by Melissa. February 2018

Pregnancy Discrimination / Wrongful Termination Client
Supportive, non stressful settlement obtained. 5.0 stars.

Mr. Gould listened to my concerns regarding my termination and gave me his honest opinion regarding my complaint and how successful he felt I would be. With that information he went to work, he’d my issue settled in 9 months, obtaining a larger settlement than anticipated without litigation. Mr. Gould stayed on top of my case at every turn, could not have asked for more equipped or prepared counsel.

Posted by Brenda. December 2017

Employment Law Client
5.0 stars.

Mr. Gould did a fantastic job advocating for me and my family. The end result was very much in line with his initial take of the situation. The case played out just as he anticipated with no surprises. I couldn’t be happier with his work. I hope to never need an attorney again, but I would hire Mr. Gould again without hesitation if needed.

Posted by Bill. December 2017

Serious Personal Injury Client
Awesome first and hopefully last experience! 5.0 stars

Mr. Gould was a fantastic attorney to work with, especially for my first time having to go through what turned out to be a lengthy legal process, both he and his paralegal Mary were both positive, upbeat, and honest, contacting me regularly to give updates. All around awesome experience with a positive outcome. Appreciate all the hard work and effort they put in on my behalf and the feeling of confidence of having him fighting in my corner.

Posted by Adrian. April 2017

Wrongful Termination Client
Evan Gould is a great Attorney! 5.0 stars.

I would highly recommend him to you. He did an excellent job in my case. He prepared an very detailed 16 page mediation brief and he was able to help me to get an excellent settlement. I do believe that God helped to bring the 2 of us together. The final settlement amount was above what I thought I would be possible to get and it was a total blessing from Evan and it was an answer to my prayers. Thanks Evan and Mary for the professional job that you did on my case!

Posted by anonymous. April 2017

Age Discrimination/ Wrongful Termination Client
Excellent Legal Service. 5.0 stars.

I contacted Evan Gould regarding a wrongful termination issue. He responded quickly to my initial call and he was kind and attentive during our consultation. Mr. Gould was honest about setting realistic goals regarding the resolution of my problem. I was very pleased with the settlement he was able to negotiate for me. I cannot thank Mr. Gould and his wonderful paralegal, Mary, for the time and commitment they dedicated to my case. I am very pleased with my experience with the Gould Firm.

Posted by Joan. September 2016

Pregnancy Discrimination/Wrongful Termination Client
5.0 stars.

Mr. Gould represented me in a wrongful termination case. The case dealt with issues of pregnancy and disability discrimination. After a disabling spinal injury during my pregnancy, followed by a terrifying pre-term birth and then wrongful termination by my employer… I cannot express enough how blessed I felt to have representation from Evan and the support of his wonderful paralegal, Mary. Mr. Gould was very forthright with his assessment of the case and was thorough when describing the details of the case, our chances in settlement or litigation and offered best and worst case scenarios. His experience as a respected mediator is comforting. He kept in close contact with me and our communication never felt rushed. He was kind, understanding, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Mr. Gould to others needing legal help.

Posted by Sheri. May 2016

Wrongful Termination Client
5.0 stars.

When I first decided I needed a lawyer for my situation I contacted several lawyers and Mr. Gould’s firm was the first to respond. I went over my situation with Mr. Gould and he provided great feedback and information on how to proceed with the situation for the best outcome. All emails and calls were answered in a promptly manner, never was I ever out of the loop of what was going on. He answered all my questions and provided information on things I did not have knowledge of or understand. His assistant was very nice and persistent as well, always kept me updated on what was coming next and never had me waiting. Overall my case came to a close and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gould’s firm.

Posted by Ashley. May 2016

Employment Law Client
Excellent Legal Services and Experience, 5.0 stars

Mr. Gould and his staff did an exceptional job presenting and resolving our case. We were very impressed with his preliminary work and follow up, and we were thrilled with his results. Additionally, we felt good about the firm throughout the process and found Mr. Gould and his staff to be genuinely nice people and concerned with our feelings throughout the process. He presented a strong case which allowed us to negotiate a settlement from a very strong position and avoid a lawsuit and a protracted court battle. We give them our highest recommendation possible and would gladly use his services in the future. Kudos to The Gould Firm for the exceptional job they have done!

Posted by Hannah. December 2015

Breach of Employment Contract/ Wrongful Termination Client
BEST employment lawyer in San Diego! 5.0 stars.

I want to first of start by saying that I could not fathom how I got so fortunate to have chosen the right lawyer. In a sea full of lawyers I ended up with someone so innately passionate about what he/she does. A month prior to meeting Evan Gould I had retained another lawyer and my experience with that lawyer had left me with a significant amount of money lost, unhappy and not wanting to ever hire a lawyer again. I knew one of the issues were due to the fact I did not do my research and seek client testimonials. Evan Gould deserves more than ten stars and I’m positive you will feel the same way about him. In January 2015, I was in need of an employment lawyer and I turned to the internet because everyone I was referred to was either booked to meet for consultation till the next week or didn’t seem to quite comprehend the situation I was in. I found the Gould Firm and read all the positive reviews and placed a call. I was immediately assisted by Evan and his paralegal Mary. We set for a consultation the same week and ended up deciding to move forward with the Gould firm for my employment case. I felt so comfortable with Evan in the fact that he was so straightforward and not pushy, he understood my situation and explained the process in detail. I was always updated on everything going on in my case and when I had any questions I would get a response and answer right away. Thank you for everything you have done for me! The Gould firm was the best choice I could have ever made hands down!

Posted by Bernadette. May 2015

Wrongful Termination Client
5.0 stars.

If Your Are Looking For A Straight Shooter, Evan Is Your Man. I went to Evan for a second opinion about my wrongful termination case. He is very knowledgeable about employment law, but what I liked most about Evan is that he is a straight shooter. He won’t lie to you and say you have a good case just to make a quick buck like other attorneys. If you are looking for an honest attorney who is direct, I would highly recommend Evan.

Posted by Nabeal. June 2014

Employment Client
Great Attorney!! 5.0 stars.

Mr. Gould recently helped me with an employment claim. He was always quick to return my e-mails & phone calls the same business day. He was aggressive and thorough during the course of the settlement. Ultimately, he helped me get results that were far better than I expected and resolved my situation quickly and extremely effectively. His assistant was always extraordinarily helpful! I would recommend Mr. Gould to anyone looking for an attorney!!

Posted by K.T. December 2013

Serious Personal Injury Client
Trusting, patient and honest, 5.0 stars

Evan has been great help and helped me survive this stressful time in my life. He has guided me through this, stressful and tragic accident. He has helped me understand the doctors evaluations and what is best for ME, not anyone else. I am so lucky to have someone like Evan on my team during this really stressful experience. He and his staff are always on top of everything and kept me informed during the process and are all very knowledgeable. I would recommend Evan as an attorney to any of my family and friends.

Posted by Reema. March 2012

Serious Personal Injury Client
Second Chance, 5.0 stars

Mr. Gould took my case when my former attorney decided that it was nothing there and was unwinable. Not only did he go the distance and kept me informed every step of the way. He also was up front with me on the things that maybe a set back, … and what may happen if we went to trial. He always seem to have my interest at heart. I am excited to say that my case resulted in a positive outcome. Mr. Gould is an excellent attorney. If ever I needed an attorney he would be the first person to call. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney or legal advice.

Posted by David. April 2012

Severance review
5.0 stars

I was let go by my company after many years of service. I was offered a severance package, but to get it I would have to sign away every conceivable right I might have in the future against the company for any reason. Now in my early sixties and facing a challenge at finding equivalent pay in another position, I wondered if I had any cause of action against the company, or whether I might be able to negotiate for an improved severance. I called several law offices with specialties in employment law, discrimination, and related topics. Some wanted to just sit down with me and review my documents on the fly with no preparation. Mr. Gould’s assistant told me Mr. Gould would not only review the materials I had ahead of time, but would perform research on the company before sitting down with me to discuss my options. On top of that, his rate was competitive. On that basis I committed to hiring Mr. Gould.

When I spoke to Mr. Gould, he asked a number of relevant questions to make sure he had a clear understanding of my situation. We discussed whether I had cause for an action against the company and whether I should negotiate for a better severance package. On Mr. Gould’s advice I prepared a letter to the company, and Mr. Gould reviewed it for me. The company responded with an improved offer, but not what I had hoped for. Once again I sought Mr. Gould’s counsel, and once again went back to the company with a counter proposal. In the end I had a package that was worth significantly more than the original offer. Having Mr. Gould on my side gave me the confidence to negotiate. For me, hiring him was the right thing to do, and I recommend him without reservation to anyone in a similar situation.
Posted by Anonymous. November 1, 2019

Great communication with clients!
5.0 stars

I’m very glad I chose Evan to represent me. He has a way of treating you more than just a client that makes the process easier to handle. I would recommend Evan Gould firm to my family and friends! This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
Posted by Rodney. October 19, 2019