Firing Lawsuit Postponed in San Diego

A Superior Court judge is California has delayed a wrongful termination lawsuit against San Diego Gas & Electric after lawyers for the company successfully argued that negative publicity tainted the jury pool. In the lawsuit, plaintiffs claim fellow employees at SDG&E "used racial epithets and tied nooses" around the office. The plaintiffs say they were terminated after complaining about the behavior. The lawsuit has been postponed until January, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.


Propecia Causing Permanent Impotence

The drug known as propecia, a 1990s-era drug originally created to combat prostate cancer,has also been used to combat receding hairlines for years. As it turned out, the hormones in the drug were remarkably effective in halting or reversing male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, as baldness disappeared for some men, so followed their erections. This drug and other drugs on the market were popular with men in their twenties and thirties who wanted to delay the onset of baldness. While impotence is no fun for a man of any age, the effect and stigma can be particularly traumatic for the younger generation.

The side effects of this drug were a known issue, and the manufacturer included a warning about them on the drug label. The warning suggested that the side effects stopped when use of Propecia stopped. Separate research by the Journal of Sexual Medicine and George Washington University has shown that sexual problems can linger long after people stop taking the drug. In the George Washington study, 96 percent of men said their side effects stuck around for over a year. For some, they have never gone away. In addition to impotence, users eported shrinking genitals, low libido and ejaculatory problems. Patients who used Propecia are also reporting long-term depression and other cognitive side effects. Clearly many would view this as a devastating injury and plaintiffs are lining up to sue Merck, the manufacturer, for failing to include adequate warnings on its label.

Merck has denied the long-lasting effects, releasing a statement that read, “Merck believes that Propecia  has demonstrated safety and efficacy profiles and that the product labeling appropriately describes the benefits and risks of the drug to help inform prescribing.” However, last year the FDA mandated that the label be updated to note that the sexual side effects can last even after use of the drug is discontinued.

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Fleece Hoodie Sets Recalled from Target

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of about 6,200 fleece hoodie and t-shirt sets sold exclusively at Target due to the presence of lead paint. The product is a two-piece coordinated set; the agency said that the surface coating on the zippers "contain excessive levels of lead," which violated federal standards.

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Suit: VA Hospital Responsible for Veteran's Death

A lawsuit has been filed against the Department of Veteran Affairs over the death of a 30-year-old veteran who died after having back surgery at a VA medical center in Utah. The lawsuit claimed the man was discharged a day after surgery despite "unstable" blood oxygen levels and his own protests and was not given oxygen to take home with him. The man died in his sleep the following evening.

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