36,000 Kolcraft Strollers Recalled in US and Canada

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada have announced a recall of more than 36,000 three- and four-wheeled strollers manufactured by Kolcraft Enterprises Inc. According to the agency, children or users can get their fingers caught in the locking mechanism when adjusting the handlebars. There have been five reports of injuries, including three children whose fingertips have been amputated, and two adults who suffered smashed or cut fingers. Staff Report, PR Newswire 06/14/2012

Ben & Jerry's Pints Recalled over Allergen

Giant Foods has announced a removal and recall of all pints of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Nougat Crunch Ice Cream due to an undeclared allergen in the ice cream. The company said the products may contain peanuts or tree nuts not mentioned on the product label. No illnesses have been reported. Staff Report, PR Newswire 06/12/2012

880,000 More Gel Packs Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of 880,000 freezer gel packs due to an ingestion hazard. Imported by California Innovations Inc., the Ice/Hot and Ice Gel Packs can leak gel if damaged, and the material can cause illnesses if ingested. In January of this year, about 300,000 units were originally recalled. Staff Report, PR Newswire 06/07/2012

Man's Genitals Burned by Arby's Urinal, Suit Says

A Colorado man filed a lawsuit against restaurant chain Arby's after his genitals were burned by a jet of hot water from a malfunctioning urinal. In the suit, the man said when he complained about the incident, employees told him it was a problem they had experienced before. The plaintiff says the restaurant has a duty to keep its customers safe while in their stores. Andrew Lu, Reuters 06/12/2012
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New York Age Discrimination Suit Settled

A 74-year-old Long Island man will receive $65,000 to settle an age-discrimination lawsuit after being fired from his job as a lifeguard. In the suit, the plaintiff claimed he was fired after failing a swimming test, while other, younger employees were allowed to work until they passed the test. Wire Report, The Washington Post 06/14/2012

Store Requires Employees to be Christian, Suit Says

An Oklahoma man has filed a lawsuit against a lighting store in Tulsa, claiming store owners require all potential employees to be Christian. During his interview, the plaintiff said he was asked numerous times about "his religious activity and beliefs.” He was allegedly denied employment because his religious beliefs did not align with store owners. Douglas Stanglin, USA Today 06/14/2012

$25 Million Awarded in Racial Discrimination Suit

A federal jury in New York has awarded a local man $25 million in damages in a racial discrimination suit he filed against his employer. The plaintiff, who works at a steel plant in Lackawanna, N.Y., claims plant officials allowed a culture of racism and discrimination at the plant. In the suit, the man claimed workers painted "KKK" and "King Kong" graffiti on the walls of the plant. Phil Fairbanks, Buffalo News 06/13/2012


Suit Filed Against California Blue Shield

A consumer group in California has filed a lawsuit against Blue Shield, claiming the company has been increasing prices to force "older and sicker" patients into low-benefit plans. The suit claims the insurer has been closing certain policies to new members, and at the same time hiking the rates of those policies to those remaining in the plans. Blue Shield is accused of violating a California law aimed at curbing this practice. Sandy Kleffman, San Jose Mercury News 06/13/2012


Gas Station Shooting Settled for $3 Million

A Jackson County judge has approved a $3 million payment to settle a lawsuit over the fatal shooting of a mentally disabled man at a Kansas City gas station in 2010. The man, who suffered from schizophrenia, was shot by the store clerk during a scuffle. The clerk has fled to his home country of India to avoid voluntary manslaughter charges. Mark Morris, Kansas City Star 06/11/2012


Dust from Construction Led to Woman's Death Suit Says

A West Virginia man has filed a lawsuit against Tucker County over the death of his mother, who allegedly inhaled dust from a construction project that led to her death. The suit claims the dust she inhaled while working in the local courthouse was toxic, containing lead and asbestos. The suit is seeking unspecified damages. Wire Report, The Charleston Gazette 06/11/2012